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The Democratic Green City: From Above and Below

Michael Goldman recently participated in a forum at the Institute for Public Knowledge at NYU. In this session they discussed how top-down, government projects can be paired with grassroots organizing to democratize the green city. The video of this important public event is now available.

Do atheists get a seat at God's table?

Maybe in St. Paul where the "Interfaith" Conversation Cafe changed it's name to "Interbelief" to include the nonreligious. Penny Edgell, in a Pioneer Press report, stated that her 2014 survey found the public more accepting of various religious groups but not for atheists who had the same high degree of mistrust found in 2006.

Minnesotans Fighting in Syria? FBI Getting Tips

Prof. Cawo Abdi was featured in a recent St. Paul Pioneer Press article about the possibility of Minnesotan Somalis fighting in Syria.

The Workplace Flexibility Experiment

A new study of 700 workers of a Fortune 500 company conducted by Erin Kelly, Phyllis Moen, Wen Fan, and others found that employee flexibility and supervisor support offers wide-ranging benefits including addressing work-family stresses. Results will be published in the June issue of ASR.

Were you really in church on Sunday?

Do you lie about how often you go to church/temple/mosque? You're not alone. Watch Penny Edgell participate in a panel discussion hosted by the Huffington Post.

Voting for an atheist president?

Even though there has been some positive movement by polled voters Penny Edgell in a recent Washington Post article said that atheists continue to be the most mistrusted group in the U.S.

Do Americans change their race?

"Yes, millions do," said Carolyn Liebler in a Pew Research Center article highlighting her research findings that were presented at the recent Population Association of America annual meetings.

Good Question

How Much of A Prison Sentence Is Served Behind Bars? Josh Page discusses the idea behind "two-thirds sentencing" that facilitates the transition from prison to society. (WCCO)

Ron Anderson Wins Grant for Retirees

Professor Emeritus Ron Anderson received a Graduate School Professional Development Grant for Retirees, for help with his edited book, World Suffering and the Quality of Life (under contract with Springer). He has over 30 chapter authors from all over the world, including Yanjie Bian writing on suffering in China.

David Knoke wins Book Award

David Knoke's book, Economic Networks, was recognized by the sociology subject editors of Choice Magazine as one of their 25 Outstanding Academic Titles of 2013. This prestigious list of publications reflects the best in scholarly titles and attracts extraordinary attention from the academic library community.

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