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The Workplace Flexibility Experiment

A new study of 700 workers of a Fortune 500 company conducted by Erin Kelly, Phyllis Moen, Wen Fan, and others found that employee flexibility and supervisor support offers wide-ranging benefits including addressing work-family stresses. Results will be published in the June issue of ASR.

Do Americans change their race?

"Yes, millions do," said Carolyn Liebler in a Pew Research Center article highlighting her research findings that were presented at the recent Population Association of America annual meetings.

Good Question

How Much of A Prison Sentence Is Served Behind Bars? Josh Page discusses the idea behind "two-thirds sentencing" that facilitates the transition from prison to society. (WCCO)

Ron Anderson Wins Grant for Retirees

Professor Emeritus Ron Anderson received a Graduate School Professional Development Grant for Retirees, for help with his edited book, World Suffering and the Quality of Life (under contract with Springer). He has over 30 chapter authors from all over the world, including Yanjie Bian writing on suffering in China.

David Knoke wins Book Award

David Knoke's book, Economic Networks, was recognized by the sociology subject editors of Choice Magazine as one of their 25 Outstanding Academic Titles of 2013. This prestigious list of publications reflects the best in scholarly titles and attracts extraordinary attention from the academic library community.

Can you 'try on' Atheism?

Penny Edgell took part in a CNN Belief blog discussing a pastor's yearlong experiment with atheism.

Schurman & Cadieux Awarded Global Spotlight Grants

Rachel Schurman received a Global Spotlight Research Seed Grant for her project, The New Green Revolution and the Politics of Agricultural Policy Making in Tanzania; and Valentine Cadieux received a Global Spotlight Research Major Grant for her project, Building Popular Food Security Institutions: Developing Policy-Oriented Curriculum for Translating between Political Agro-Ecology Practice and Policy Reform in Nepal, Aotearoa New Zealand, and the E.U. The GPS Alliance's biennial focus is on a region of the world and a pressing global issue. In 2012-2014, the focus or spotlight is on the region of South Asia and the issue of Global Food Security.

Rhetoric that Hurts: Babies Exposed to Drugs in Utero

Enid Logan was recently quoted in a Huffington Post article discussing race, medicine, science, and the state. The article focused on the contrasting societal responses to maternal use of prescription drugs and crack-cocaine during pregnancy.

Female Supervisors More Susceptible to Workplace Harassment

Heather McLaughlin, Chris Uggen, and Amy Blackstone's article "Sexual Harassment, Workplace Authority, and the Paradox of Power" in American Sociological Review is available online, along with a podcast interview with Heather regarding her research.

Flexible Workplaces Promote Better Health

Erin Kelly and Phyllis Moen found that employees who were allowed to routinely change when and where they worked based on their individual needs and job responsibilities, showed improved health and well-being. Their findings are published in the December issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.


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