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September 11, 2007

'Burning Down the House': Race, Media, and the Burning of Churches in the U.S., 1996-2001

Doug McAdam (Stanford University), co-sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Study

September 18, 2007

Child Rights in the Context of Cultural and Economic Globalization

Liz Boyle and Minzee Kim

September 25, 2007

Reproductive Discourses: international Organizations and Questions of Representation

Trina Smith

October 2, 2007

Racial Inequality as Racial Advantage: Exploring Americans' Understanding of White Privilege

Paul Croll

October 9, 2007

Modes of State Intervention and Business Group Performance in China's Transition Economy

Xinxiang Chen

October 16, 2007

Understanding Work-Family Boundaries: What Do Workers Prefer and What Do They Actually Do?

Samantha Ammons

October 23, 2007

Workplace Evaluations of Mothers and Others

Shelley Correll (Cornell University)

October 25, 2007

Bringing Welfare State Theories to the States: How Ideas, Actors, and State Structures Affect Welfare Reform Trajectories in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Pam Wald

October 30, 2007

Measuring Primary and Secondary School Characteristics: A Group-Based Modeling Approach

Andrew Halpem-Manners


Religion's Place in Public Life—Attitudes of Ordinary Americans

Penny Edgell, Darin Mather & Shannon Golden

November 6, 2007

The Community Engaged Parent Education Project

Bill Doherty (Family Social Science)

November 13, 2007

Transatlantic and Global Norms: Collective Policy Action by States for Socio-Economic Integration, Market Regulation and the Public Good of Societies and Nations

Reba Carruth (Council on Foreign Relations

December 11, 2007

State 'Regulation' of Religion and the Art of Bonsai: Black Denominations in the New Deal Era

Omar McRoberts (University of Chicago)