200 homes flooded with sewage in Mexican town

Sunday, a crack in a sewage canal caused raw sewage water to pour into the streets and flood homes and sewage rose above car windows in colony of San Isidro and La Providencia, in the Mexican state of Mexico reported CNN.

500 people were affected by the flooding, none of which were fatally injured. Three minors suffered minor injuries according to CNN.

1.5 million gallons of water per second gushed from the canal into the cities, cited Investors.com.

Repairs to the 30 meter crack started at about 1:30 p.m. once crews and machinery reached the site, reported Investors.com

The spill happened about 30 miles down the Puebla Highway, and resulted in the closure of the highway according to CNN. The highway will probably be closed till Monday, or until the flooding is under control.



Saint Paul public schools adds Hmong history to school

Typically the Hmong culture doesn't get much recognized much outside of Hmong homes, so many children find themselves missing out on learning their history, since it focuses much more on european cultures.

According the the Twin Cities Daily Planet, St. Paul public schools added a Hmong history section on Sunday to their social studies program.

Michelle Bierman, the Supervisor of Instructor Reform and Free Service Teaching for SPPS told the Daily Planet, "the Absent Narrative are stories of individuals who were there during the historical time period," said Bierman. "But their stories are often not told, when we re-tell the history.

The absent narratives that Bierman referred to is the that of Hmong immigration, and history within the United States.

Minnesota is home to an estimated 60,000-70,000 Hmong, making it the 2nd state with the largest Hmong population, according to Minnesota Institute of Public Health. This is a huge proportion of the U.S. Hmong population.

Many see the addition of the curriculum not only as a step forward for the Hmong community, but for St. Paul Public Schools.

"Many internal staff at SPPS and community members was involved in this initiative to be able to bring this forward," Chong Lee, Take Action Community Organizer, Co-Chair on the Education Committee told the Daily Planet.



Grain Belt bottle cap target for graffiti, causing problems

The Grain Belt bottle cap, a historic sign that has stood in Minneapolis for over 70 years. It is admired by many and also the target for grafitti, which has come under fire since they city has enforce graffiti removal within seven days.

Daphne R. Eastman Family Trust, the owners of the Grain Belt sign, have been ordered multiple times to have the graffiti removed, according to the Star Tribune.

Winthrop Eastman the representative of the trust has been billed on several occasions to cover the graffiti, which creates a problem for the Family.

"It's meant to do something good," Eastman said to the Star Tribune about the policy. "It really ends up punishing the people who are the victims of graffiti."

According to an article by the Minnesota Independent in 2008, removal costs of the graffiti cost the city $1.5 million a year, according to Sgt. Donna Olson ,who investigates graffiti for the MPD

Due to the new policy to keep the graffiti painted over in seven days, the Eastham family are looking to sell the sign, and have someone restore it to its former glory with its neon lights which haven't been lit since the 1990s, reported the Star Tribune.

Meanwhile Eastman applied for a "microgrant" through a city program, which he will find out if he will recieve in a few weeks. This "microgrant" can be used to fund a mural, or just for clean up of graffiti.

Eastman tells the Star Tribune the mircogrant could be "an effective solution to the problem, once and for all."



Olive Garden gives toddler alcohol

Jill Vanheest was at an Olive Garden in Lakeland, Flordia, when her two-year-old unexpectantantly got bloodshot eyes and started getting in and out of his seat, talking louder and louder. Eventually the two-year-old curled up in his mother's lap, that's when the server came and yanked the children's cup from the table claiming their had been a mistake, reported CNN.

Vanheest found that her child was given sangria instead of orange juice and that he was exibiting the signs of being drunk on March 31st.

After almost 30 minutes, the server told the parents of the mix up where they rushed the two-year-old to the hospital who exhibited a blood alcohol content of .10.

"How can you be so disorganized that alcoholic beverages can even get into a kid's cup?" VanHeest asked CBS News.

"It was an extremely regrettable accident," and, "We took swift, appropriate action to deal with this situation," Oliver Garden spokesman Rich Jeffers said in a statement reported by CBS News.

CNN reports that this happened also at a Applebee's in Michigan on April 8th. A child was given magerita mix instead of the ordered kids meal. Both chains have apologized to both parents and children and have since changed procedures on pouring children's drinks.

In order to keep Sangria from being mixed up again for a child's orange juice it won't be make in advance, and instead made from scratch to avoid any further mistakes.

"It will be prepared from scratch when ordered, as is the case with all other alcoholic beverages," Jeffers said.



Christine Matthew's laid over her children in the bathtub of their North Carolina home as it was ripped from its foundation and thrown over 50 yards on Friday reported ABC news.

A powerful storm that spun off twisters starting in Oklahoma and ending in Virgina, spawned almost 100 different twisters, resulting in at least 75 deaths reported the Wall Street Journal.

North Carolina suffered the most damage, as the twisters struck like a freight train and destroyed hundreds of homes and send over 130 people to the hospital.

The storms that started twisters started thursday in Oklahoma and made their way to North Carolina Friday. Over 22 people were killed in North Carolina as many citizens are picking up the pieces of their homes, and cities, according to ABC News.

At least 35 tornados were spotted in NC, they heavily damaged 400 more homes and completely destroyed 60. According to emergency management officials in the state, where Gov. Bev Perdue has declared a state of emergency reported the Wall Street Journal.

"Trees, houses--everything just splintered," he said. "You had to see it to believe it. Families were just wiped off the map--you'll see a house and all that is left is a cement slab." Duncan Hughes, Jr., captain of the Colerain Rescue Squad, told Wall Street Journal.



UK to sue Iceland over billions of Euros

The United Kingdom announced that it would likely sue Iceland over billions of Euros that was loaned after its economic downturn, a top British government minister said Sunday, according to CNN.

The case would be brought to international court after Iceland voted to repeal the act to payback the loans from the UK.

The British government has "an obligation to get that money back, and we will continue to pursue that until we do," said Danny Alexander, the chief secretary of the Treasury told CNN.

According to Scotsman.com, the settlement would have seen the money paid back over a 30-year period, starting in 2016 and finishing in 2046.

Iceland held a vote over the weekend on the settlement plan, but with about 90 precent of the vote counted, 59.1 precent were against and 40.9 precent in favor, reported BBC.

Johanna Sigurdardottir, Iceland's Prime Minister, said the rejection meant "the worst option was chosen" and had split the country in two, he told BBC reporters.

The legal battle over the money may take a year to be decided. Many including Prime Minister Sigurdardottir think that it may take longer.

"My estimate is that the process will take a year, a year and a half at least," he said

The repayment plan became a source of contention with the Icelandic people because many thought that it unless the country is legally required to give the money back it shouldn't. The repayment plan may put too much burden on Iceland's recovering economy, which the citizens may not be able to shoulder.

"I think it's very hard to interpret this in any other way than the fact that the Icelandic people are not prepared to accept payments or shoulder the burden unless there is a clear legal obligation to do so." Prime Minister Sugurdardottir said to BBC news.




Go Bananas Amusement Park Re-Opens after Death

Go Bananas Amusement Park located outside of Chicago re-opened friday after the roller-coaster death of three-year-old Jayson Dansby. The roller-coaster Python Pitt took its first death on April 2nd, but others have been hurt in the past, according to the Huffington Post.

The Python Pitt remains closed until the investigation is over, but safety concerned many people who went to Go Bananas on Friday.

"We will think about whether or not he should get on that ride or would that be a safe ride for him. It is a safety question," Brandon Jimenez said to ABC news. Jimenez brought his four-year-old nephew to Go Bananas on Friday.

According to the investigation the roller-coaster held up to the standards of safety set out by the state. The owner of Go Bananas released a statement that was reported by ABC news.

"There is no mechanical problems, no mechanical things involving the accident. The investigation also said there was no human error involved. It was just a tragic accident," Gerald Marks, Go Bananas owner, said.

Dansby rode the Python Pitt with his twin brother on Saturday, when he slipped out of his safety harness and then was struck and fell from the roller-coaster. Three-years-ago an 8-year-old girl broke her wrist on the same ride. The mother considers her daughter lucky, according to the Huffington Post.

"I felt real sad for the family and hurt," said Crystal Malone, mother of the girl who broke her wrist on the ride. "That was the same ride my baby was on and it could have been her."



Two Men Stabbed at Light Rail Station

Friday Night, two men were stabbed at the Lake Street Midtown light-rail station in a fight, according to Pioneer Press.

The men were in serious condition Friday when taken to the hospital but according to KSTP by Saturday the men were considered stable.

Both were jailed at Hennepin County Jail on assault charges on Saturday according to KSTP. The police were called to the station around 10:30 p.m., when a fight broke out at the upper deck.

Metro Transit Police investigated the case, and closed down traffic around lake street for about 90 minutes according to the Pioneer Press. The light rail did not start stopping again at the Lake Street Midtown light-rail station until after midnight.

The Metro Transit Police are looking further into the incident and have found video evidence from a nearby security camera.



7 shoppers in a mall in Holland are dead after a shooter open fired on the mall according to Dutch officials as reported by CNN. The shooter turned the gun on himself after the shooting before police could apprehend them.

"I always thought these terrible things only happen abroad, but now here too," wrote Thea Hilbrants of Groningen, Netherlands, as reported by the Star Tribune. "Terrible, incomprehensible. I wish much strength for everyone touched by this."

The shooter was identified as 24-year-old Tristan van der Vlis, CNN reported according to Dutch officials. The Star Tribune reported that van der Vlis had minor run-ins with the police. The charges were illegal weapons possession charge in 2003, back when he was 17 that was eventually dropped, District Attorney Kitty Nooy said.

At least 16 were wounded, but not killed. The Star Tribune reports that there are three victims that continue to be in critical condition. Other victims range from a slightly wounded infant to adult women and men.

The shooter owned five assult rifles legally, and police are still trying to find the motivation for the seemingly random attack at the mall. Van der Vlis's mother found a suicide note at his home.

Many neighbors were stunned that van der Vlis committed this crime.

"He seemed to me to be a nice guy, he always greeted me nicely," said Veronique Troon told the Associated Press as reported by the Star Tribune. But she said that one time he asked her about her native Brazil, saying "'that seems like a very, very dangerous country, don't you think so?' I found it very weird."

The country was shocked by the senseless shooting that took place at this mall, and continue to try and figure out why and how van der Vlis carried out this attack.



Brooklyn Park Shooting Results in 3 Deaths

At Festival Foods in Brooklyn Park, two workers were shot and killed by a fellow co-worker, the shooter then turned the gun on himself, resulting in the death of all three on Friday. Workers and residence of Brooklyn were shocked and stunned by the deaths of the workers, and customers were evacuated quickly after shooting.

"I didn't know what to do; I didn't want to move. My heart was racing," she said. "It was scary to think he was still out there, and we had no idea where." A witness told the Star Tribune.

The victim was 20-year-old, Abigail M. Fedeli and her current boyfriend. The shooter was identified as another Festival Foods worker, who was off duty. Witnesses heard that arguing, and what sounded like a break-up, then six shots.

Anthony Brandon, a witness that stepped into Festival Foods for a few items, according to the Star Tribune, said that he pulled aside told him witnesses heard "a boyfriend and girlfriend arguing over the phone, breaking up." A short time later, six gunshots rang out, he was told.

The shooter fled the scene after shooting both Abigail and the other male co-worker who died later in the hospital. According to MPR news, when police approached the suspect, the man shot himself and died at the scene. They had no other suspects.

Amanda, Abigail's sister, frantically posted in the comments of a CBS news story that broke shortly after the shooting. She didn't know any information according to the posts until almost four hours after the shooting. She begged people on-line to give her information, and people were forthcoming. She later posted that it was her sister Abby that was killed by an ex-boyfriend, and the male victim was her new boyfriend.

Many people in Brooklyn Park are saddened and shocked by these tragic deaths. Mosaic United Methodist Church pastor Rachel McIver Morey, came to the scene and talked to the Star Tribune.

"God has a way of redeeming horrific situations, and I think Brooklyn Park is well-positioned for that," she said to the Star Tribune.