Mississippi river reaches flood levels

According to the Pioneer Press, the Mississippi river has reached 'major flood levels' which means that it has risen 17 inches. The city of St. Paul has closed Riverfront parks and Shepard and Warner roads, according to the Pioneer Press.

The Pioneer press also reports that in St. Paul Harriet Island has started to be flooded.

That's not the only place the the Mississippi river has flooded. According to the Star Tribune, in Grey Cloud Island Township which in Washington County has already starting dealing with flooding.

Drifters Bar and Grill which is nestled near the river has already has to close down for 12 days last year because of flooding from the Mississippi river, according to the Star Tribune. Drifters is likely to have to close again as the waters rise. So

The owner, Billy Ruiz, seems to accepting the flooding when interviewed by the Star Tribune.

"These are events that are supposed to happen, what? every two decades, not back-to-back-to-back like that," he said. "But Mother Nature will do what she wants -- it's not up to us."

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