Brooklyn Park Shooting Results in 3 Deaths

At Festival Foods in Brooklyn Park, two workers were shot and killed by a fellow co-worker, the shooter then turned the gun on himself, resulting in the death of all three on Friday. Workers and residence of Brooklyn were shocked and stunned by the deaths of the workers, and customers were evacuated quickly after shooting.

"I didn't know what to do; I didn't want to move. My heart was racing," she said. "It was scary to think he was still out there, and we had no idea where." A witness told the Star Tribune.

The victim was 20-year-old, Abigail M. Fedeli and her current boyfriend. The shooter was identified as another Festival Foods worker, who was off duty. Witnesses heard that arguing, and what sounded like a break-up, then six shots.

Anthony Brandon, a witness that stepped into Festival Foods for a few items, according to the Star Tribune, said that he pulled aside told him witnesses heard "a boyfriend and girlfriend arguing over the phone, breaking up." A short time later, six gunshots rang out, he was told.

The shooter fled the scene after shooting both Abigail and the other male co-worker who died later in the hospital. According to MPR news, when police approached the suspect, the man shot himself and died at the scene. They had no other suspects.

Amanda, Abigail's sister, frantically posted in the comments of a CBS news story that broke shortly after the shooting. She didn't know any information according to the posts until almost four hours after the shooting. She begged people on-line to give her information, and people were forthcoming. She later posted that it was her sister Abby that was killed by an ex-boyfriend, and the male victim was her new boyfriend.

Many people in Brooklyn Park are saddened and shocked by these tragic deaths. Mosaic United Methodist Church pastor Rachel McIver Morey, came to the scene and talked to the Star Tribune.

"God has a way of redeeming horrific situations, and I think Brooklyn Park is well-positioned for that," she said to the Star Tribune.

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