Go Bananas Amusement Park Re-Opens after Death

Go Bananas Amusement Park located outside of Chicago re-opened friday after the roller-coaster death of three-year-old Jayson Dansby. The roller-coaster Python Pitt took its first death on April 2nd, but others have been hurt in the past, according to the Huffington Post.

The Python Pitt remains closed until the investigation is over, but safety concerned many people who went to Go Bananas on Friday.

"We will think about whether or not he should get on that ride or would that be a safe ride for him. It is a safety question," Brandon Jimenez said to ABC news. Jimenez brought his four-year-old nephew to Go Bananas on Friday.

According to the investigation the roller-coaster held up to the standards of safety set out by the state. The owner of Go Bananas released a statement that was reported by ABC news.

"There is no mechanical problems, no mechanical things involving the accident. The investigation also said there was no human error involved. It was just a tragic accident," Gerald Marks, Go Bananas owner, said.

Dansby rode the Python Pitt with his twin brother on Saturday, when he slipped out of his safety harness and then was struck and fell from the roller-coaster. Three-years-ago an 8-year-old girl broke her wrist on the same ride. The mother considers her daughter lucky, according to the Huffington Post.

"I felt real sad for the family and hurt," said Crystal Malone, mother of the girl who broke her wrist on the ride. "That was the same ride my baby was on and it could have been her."



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