Grain Belt bottle cap target for graffiti, causing problems

The Grain Belt bottle cap, a historic sign that has stood in Minneapolis for over 70 years. It is admired by many and also the target for grafitti, which has come under fire since they city has enforce graffiti removal within seven days.

Daphne R. Eastman Family Trust, the owners of the Grain Belt sign, have been ordered multiple times to have the graffiti removed, according to the Star Tribune.

Winthrop Eastman the representative of the trust has been billed on several occasions to cover the graffiti, which creates a problem for the Family.

"It's meant to do something good," Eastman said to the Star Tribune about the policy. "It really ends up punishing the people who are the victims of graffiti."

According to an article by the Minnesota Independent in 2008, removal costs of the graffiti cost the city $1.5 million a year, according to Sgt. Donna Olson ,who investigates graffiti for the MPD

Due to the new policy to keep the graffiti painted over in seven days, the Eastham family are looking to sell the sign, and have someone restore it to its former glory with its neon lights which haven't been lit since the 1990s, reported the Star Tribune.

Meanwhile Eastman applied for a "microgrant" through a city program, which he will find out if he will recieve in a few weeks. This "microgrant" can be used to fund a mural, or just for clean up of graffiti.

Eastman tells the Star Tribune the mircogrant could be "an effective solution to the problem, once and for all."

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