Mall shooting in Holland leaves 7 dutch shoppers dead, many wounded

7 shoppers in a mall in Holland are dead after a shooter open fired on the mall according to Dutch officials as reported by CNN. The shooter turned the gun on himself after the shooting before police could apprehend them.

"I always thought these terrible things only happen abroad, but now here too," wrote Thea Hilbrants of Groningen, Netherlands, as reported by the Star Tribune. "Terrible, incomprehensible. I wish much strength for everyone touched by this."

The shooter was identified as 24-year-old Tristan van der Vlis, CNN reported according to Dutch officials. The Star Tribune reported that van der Vlis had minor run-ins with the police. The charges were illegal weapons possession charge in 2003, back when he was 17 that was eventually dropped, District Attorney Kitty Nooy said.

At least 16 were wounded, but not killed. The Star Tribune reports that there are three victims that continue to be in critical condition. Other victims range from a slightly wounded infant to adult women and men.

The shooter owned five assult rifles legally, and police are still trying to find the motivation for the seemingly random attack at the mall. Van der Vlis's mother found a suicide note at his home.

Many neighbors were stunned that van der Vlis committed this crime.

"He seemed to me to be a nice guy, he always greeted me nicely," said Veronique Troon told the Associated Press as reported by the Star Tribune. But she said that one time he asked her about her native Brazil, saying "'that seems like a very, very dangerous country, don't you think so?' I found it very weird."

The country was shocked by the senseless shooting that took place at this mall, and continue to try and figure out why and how van der Vlis carried out this attack.

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