North Carolina ravaged by series of twisters in southern storm

Christine Matthew's laid over her children in the bathtub of their North Carolina home as it was ripped from its foundation and thrown over 50 yards on Friday reported ABC news.

A powerful storm that spun off twisters starting in Oklahoma and ending in Virgina, spawned almost 100 different twisters, resulting in at least 75 deaths reported the Wall Street Journal.

North Carolina suffered the most damage, as the twisters struck like a freight train and destroyed hundreds of homes and send over 130 people to the hospital.

The storms that started twisters started thursday in Oklahoma and made their way to North Carolina Friday. Over 22 people were killed in North Carolina as many citizens are picking up the pieces of their homes, and cities, according to ABC News.

At least 35 tornados were spotted in NC, they heavily damaged 400 more homes and completely destroyed 60. According to emergency management officials in the state, where Gov. Bev Perdue has declared a state of emergency reported the Wall Street Journal.

"Trees, houses--everything just splintered," he said. "You had to see it to believe it. Families were just wiped off the map--you'll see a house and all that is left is a cement slab." Duncan Hughes, Jr., captain of the Colerain Rescue Squad, told Wall Street Journal.

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