May 8, 2005

End of the Semester Blues

So here it is.... End of the Semester Blues. I have been so stressed because I am doubtful that my friends, co-workers, or family know that I am burnt out. I am ready to hibernate for the summer. I found that red bull and no food is a bad combination and school and no sleep are also bad together. Well that is my news for now. Peace love and hair grease.

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April 19, 2005

The Channel to Watch

When I find myself needing suspense I watch A&E. It is stocked full of true suspense/crime stories. All those new CSI shows have nothing on "City Confidential" or "American Justice". I enjoy history and real life stories so I turn to A&E. I can watch hours upon hours of real life "CSI" shows without all of the same plot lines. These shows let me get history and suspense. What I find funny is that I used to hate the show "Unsolved Mystries" but this is kind of like that without the ghost stories. So I can actually sleep after watching them although I do get a little creeped out sometimes, it is what keeps me watching. Anyway, if you like any of what I mentioned check it out.
Peace, love, and hair grease,

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April 11, 2005

Pre-Game Thoughts:
Well, the Light Rail, I have had one experience on such a transportation and was not impressed. I found it to be bumpy, dirty, and unsafe. So I am trying to go into this with little expectations and hopefully I will come out satisfied.
Post- Game Thoughts:
Start to Finish and back again. I was more impressed with this Light Rail than the previous experience in Denver, Colorado. I stepped off at Hiawatha and 38th Street. I found this to be rather boring and dull, I did find the sleepwalk of drivers cruising past the Light Rail and over its' tracks rather uninterested in it. I have found somnambolism! It's as if these drivers do not notice a train being set right through their city! But once people get used to something it starts to go unnoticed, well, except for those people who are stuck in traffic because of it.

Here is the website and picture off the site for Hiawatha and 38th street:


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April 4, 2005

My Yellow Arrow

If I had to "yellow arrow" some place in Minneapolis, I would chose my friends apartment building. It is near Highland Park area. The reason I chose that particular building is because if you can get inside and go to the very top (I believe it is about the 24th floor) you can see downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis. It is a beautiful view and very relaxing.

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