April 19, 2005

The Channel to Watch

When I find myself needing suspense I watch A&E. It is stocked full of true suspense/crime stories. All those new CSI shows have nothing on "City Confidential" or "American Justice". I enjoy history and real life stories so I turn to A&E. I can watch hours upon hours of real life "CSI" shows without all of the same plot lines. These shows let me get history and suspense. What I find funny is that I used to hate the show "Unsolved Mystries" but this is kind of like that without the ghost stories. So I can actually sleep after watching them although I do get a little creeped out sometimes, it is what keeps me watching. Anyway, if you like any of what I mentioned check it out.
Peace, love, and hair grease,

Posted by soine014 at April 19, 2005 7:00 PM