Inside ICON Solar House Interior Design

Interior Design Team Leader Shona Mosites shares her experiences working on the ICON Solar House.
Shona stands inside doorway of bedroom in house.
What are the interior design priorities for the ICON Solar House?
We wanted to merge familiarity with new technology, calling it "a new tradition."  We reached our goal by keeping the coziness of a traditional home and adding the benefits of being a self sustaining house.

What was the design process?
From the beginning it was a team effort.  Collaborating meant listening to all sides and making the best argument for your design decisions.  And in the end, the house was better for it.

Is there a Minnesota connection with your choices?
Absolutely.  From the counter tops to the floor to the living room furniture done by a local design company called BluDot.  Our dining room set is even made from MN sourced wood designed and handcrafted on campus by two UMN architecture students.
Dining room table and chairs folded against wall inside house.What's been the most exciting thing about the ICON House for you?
First seeing a project that you have worked on actually be completed through construction is extremely surreal and not a common occurrence for a student.  Beyond that, gaining all this real world experience, from working on a multidisciplinary team, to learning from consultants and product reps is very rewarding.

What's been your inspiration with the design?

When I initially thought about the aesthetics of the space my first thought was of the Flat Earth TV Commercial for their potato chips.  The space has this beautiful mix of natural and man made materials and expresses a down to earth straight forward aesthetic.

What has been your greatest challenge?
Juggling being a student and a team leader.  Seeing the house come together makes it all worth it though.