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Congratulations ICON Solar House Lighting Team

Advisor Jonee Kulman Brigham reports on the first rate ICON Solar House lighting design.

The Story Behind the Name ICON

Communications Team Leader Meag Tessman shares the story of creating an identity for the ICON Solar House.

Inside ICON Solar House Interior Design

Interior Design Team Leader Shona Mosites shares her experiences working on the ICON Solar House.

ICON Solar House Landscape EPIC Irrigation

We've been getting a lot of questions about our EPIC irrigation landscaping trays.  Landscape Architecture Team Leader Jason Lamers tells us more.

ICON Solar House - What's a Rain Screen? (Video)

We're getting a lot of comments about our red rain screen. The slats are made of a material called Trespa and offer a protective layer around the house. The spacing between the slats allows air to circulate and moisture to evaporate. Watch the video and learn more from ICON Solar House's Dan Handeen.

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