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Good Afternoon Everyone! The movie that we watched on Wednesday really resonated with me. I never really thought about the idea that children are so influencial in parental decisions. The numbers that were displayed in the episode were really shocking. If you think about it though, when you're young your parents and guardians really care about how you'll end up. Sometimes they forget that money is just an opportunity cost, and that the easiness of a simple purchase done over and over again can really amount to a negative outcome. I see children crying over sticker packs, candy, transformers cards, et. al, all the time. Many of the parents give in, mostly because the kids are making such a scene at the checkout line. Importantly enough, have you ever notcied how in check out lines at grocery stores, Target, or Walmart; how all the fun kids stuff are located lower on the shelves so that kids are more apt to discover them? Just like with adults, all of the gift cards, DVD's on sale, candy, magazines, and gum packs are just located there to taunt you. It is literally, impossible to leave Target with 1 item. As you stand in line, you are bombarded with countless items that scream at you to buy them. After all, retail is the hub of the money making business, and any way that they can encourage us to spend, is the winning way in their book. I also briefly discussed in class about how whether or not major companies really intend to effect us this way. Maybe Its my faith in humanity, but I would like to believe that people arent out there purposly manipulating out minds and terrorizing our lifestyle choices. IN all of this talk about political economics, I want to believe that this negative effect of advertisement is completely accidental. On the other hand, I am someone who really tries to make the best out of sticky situations, so maybe I dont have an objective enough personality to really understand the contents of whats given.

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