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At this meeting we discussed the goals of ATDT - to be a technology enabler for other groups in EWB.

There are a few ideas that people have presented us with - a hydraulic ram pump to pump water using only the mechanical energy from a river in Guatemala, a spring box for filtering and routing water to nearby communities in Honduras, and a float valve to be used in many EWB projects to provide a mechanical shut off for holding tanks to control reservoir levels.

One of the main things we discussed was how to go about asking questions to groups to quickly enable us to understand the needs of the project. Some example questions would be:
What is the project?
How many people will this technology directly help?
What is the timeline for the project?
What deliverables are necessary from ATDT?
What is the project size (rough dimensions)?

It'd be cool to put something like this on the EWB website for people to make project requests.

A doodle will be coming in the next few days for picking the meeting time that most people can attend.

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