Easter explosion in Nigeria kills many

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A car bomb explosion in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna left at least 38 people dead and shattered the windows of a nearby church Sunday morning.
The bomb went off around 8:40 a.m., CNN reported, littering the surrounding street with dead bodies and debris.
The explosion came as the result of a crash between a suspected suicide bomber's car and another vehicle. The car with the bomb in it was on route to a church but was turned away at a roadblock before it could arrive, the BBC said.
The BBC also reported the suspicion of the bomb falling upon militant group Boko Haram, though there has been no acknowledgment by any group.
Motorcyclists and others in the street are thought to be the main victims of the blast with no one worshipping inside the adjacent church coming to harm.
"We were in the holy communion service and I was exhorting my people and all of a sudden, we heard a loud noise that shattered all our windows and doors, destroyed our fans and some of our equipment in the church," Pastor Joshua Raji said to BBC.

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