Navy F-18 jet crashes into Virginia apartments

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A U.S. Navy F/A-18D fighter jet suffered major mechanical problems during flight and slammed into an apartment complex in Virginia Friday.
No deaths have been reported but the crash damaged six buildings and injured at least seven people , Reuters said.
According to the BBC though, none of the injuries inflicted were serious and six of the seven people admitted to the hospital have already been released.
The two pilots operating the plane were a student and instructor and neither suffered any major injuries. One even apologized to residents for crashing into their building.
The BBC reported the cause of the crash as unknown while Navy Captain Mark Weisgerber said the F-18 "suffered catastrophic mechanical malfunction" in a Pentagon statement cited by Reuters.
The crash could have been much worse and some residents are feeling fortunate that it turned out the way it did.
"Seventy percent of the building that the jet hit is destroyed," resident Robbie Miller told the BBC. "It feels quite lucky, when I think it could easily have been me."

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That seems almost comical to me that the pilot would apologize for crashing into a resident's building. I'm grateful no one was hurt, but people need to be careful, things happen.

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