NFL commissioner to visit Minnesota and join in Vikings stadium discussion

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A sense of urgency has taken over the proposal for a new Vikings stadium with a Minnesota visit from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to occur on Friday.
Goodell will meet with Gov. Mark Dayton and other Minnesota legislators in an attempt to help out with the stalled stadium bill.
Dayton spoke with Goodell this morning and afterward gave a warning, not a threat, that if the stadium bill fails to pass this session the team's future in Minnesota may be at risk, according to a Fox 9 news report.
"It was very clear that the Vikings will be 'in play' if this is unresolved, or unfavorably resolved in this session," Dayton said, as reported by WCCO.
Other similar situations that have occurred in the past are being brought up in the discussion such as the moving of the Cleveland Browns in 1995, also due to stadium issues
Although the pressure has ramped up in the stadium debate, Dayton continues to hold out for a solution.
"As our people recognize the urgency of this situation they're willing to step up and do what leaders do, which is to persuade others to support something as vital to the interests of Minnesota." he said in the Fox 9 news report.

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