Record-breaking Mega Millions prize goes to a lucky few

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The Mega Millions lottery prize had racked up to $656 million by Friday when it went out to three winners in three states who matched all of the winning numbers.
USA Today reported the odds as being 1 in 176 million with Americans around the country spending almost $1.5 billion on tickets.
Being that each of the three winners matched all six winning numbers exactly, each one is entitled to a one-third share of the whole jackpot.
According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, that means about $116 million per winner after taxes.
Though the Mega Millions lottery contest has offered big winnings in the past, it didn't receive much of its attention until last week. To Michael Jones, the superintendent of the Illinois Lottery, this had to do with the record-setting size of the prize.
"We were irrelevant to them until the size of the prize made us relevant," Jones told USA Today.

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