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Mass prayer meeting in response to punk church protest

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The head of the Russian Orthodox Church called for a special day of prayer in response to a recent protest by a punk band in a cathedral.
The female band Pussy Riot took over a main cathedral in Moscow in February to sing their songs in protest of the church supporting president elect Vladimir Putin, Al Jazeera reports.
Three of the members of Pussy Riot remain under arrest, says a report by the BBC, but Al Jazeera notes through an opinion poll conducted last week that only 10 percent of those surveyed though the protesters should be jailed.
The church was able to gather people from all over the country for the planned day of prayer, but Al Jazeera suggests that it may just be a deflection technique.
"The church has managed to mobilize people from congregations all over the country here, to central moscow, to try and regain the moral high ground, but also in response to accusations that it has a very lavish lifestyle," said Sue Turton of Al Jazeera.
The BBC makes no mention of this possibility and lists the prayer meeting as solely in response to the Pussy Riot confrontation.

Navy F-18 jet crashes into Virginia apartments

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A U.S. Navy F/A-18D fighter jet suffered major mechanical problems during flight and slammed into an apartment complex in Virginia Friday.
No deaths have been reported but the crash damaged six buildings and injured at least seven people , Reuters said.
According to the BBC though, none of the injuries inflicted were serious and six of the seven people admitted to the hospital have already been released.
The two pilots operating the plane were a student and instructor and neither suffered any major injuries. One even apologized to residents for crashing into their building.
The BBC reported the cause of the crash as unknown while Navy Captain Mark Weisgerber said the F-18 "suffered catastrophic mechanical malfunction" in a Pentagon statement cited by Reuters.
The crash could have been much worse and some residents are feeling fortunate that it turned out the way it did.
"Seventy percent of the building that the jet hit is destroyed," resident Robbie Miller told the BBC. "It feels quite lucky, when I think it could easily have been me."

The Mega Millions lottery prize had racked up to $656 million by Friday when it went out to three winners in three states who matched all of the winning numbers.
USA Today reported the odds as being 1 in 176 million with Americans around the country spending almost $1.5 billion on tickets.
Being that each of the three winners matched all six winning numbers exactly, each one is entitled to a one-third share of the whole jackpot.
According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, that means about $116 million per winner after taxes.
Though the Mega Millions lottery contest has offered big winnings in the past, it didn't receive much of its attention until last week. To Michael Jones, the superintendent of the Illinois Lottery, this had to do with the record-setting size of the prize.
"We were irrelevant to them until the size of the prize made us relevant," Jones told USA Today.

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