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I would really like to eliminate ignorance. It's ignorance -not money- that's the root of all "evil". Darfur? A human rights catastrophe that began when the SLA took up arms in order to assert the rights of black African Sudanese, whom they accused the government of discriminating against in favor of Arabs.


First mistake. Justifiable grievance, poor choice of response. Gun diplomacy seldom leads to anything good (See Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc., mission accomplished????).


Their enemies? Government troops, and a vicious Afro-Arab militia known as the Janjaweed. Catch that? Afro-Arab, as in mixed Arab and Black ancestry. They're part black African, yet they hate black.....


What about the "Tea Baggers"? Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Rush, Fox News.... Religious zealots of ALL stripes. If your god is so powerful, let him/her/it, deal with the "sinners". If they did in fact create the universe, I think they can get along without your help, bigotry, and ignorance....


If you look carefully you'd notice that all the porn shops have closed down. The internets have killed the sleazy bookshops. No more Doctors sneaking into the back room of Shniders to indulge that deep, dark, desire. What's wrong with dwarf porn? Dwarves can't be sexy? Hows about an 80 years old woman in a garter belt and stockings? Hmm, I'm all tingly. And lets not forget those oh so sexy shemales. Then there are those pesky same sex fantasies.... Bi? Gay? Closeted? Here's to the one hand web surfers who've made our down towns less..... What?


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