April 19, 2005

My favorite show

My favorite show is "Best damn sports show period"
I like this show a lot because many famous super stars apper on the stage.
It gives me a offbeat pleasure since I have watched them as their earnest about playings, but they usually show different own characteristics.
Another reason that why I like this show is panels.
They usually sting a satire on current issues about sports. They approach serious current issues as jokes and satires. I think this is what "functions of the media" is about.

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April 11, 2005

after riding


The station above is Nicollet mall station. I got off Nicollet station and was looking for something 'art' there, but I could not. I was kind of little bit disappointed somehow. However, when I died away from the station, I found that the station, itself, was the artful. I am not an architect, so I did not figure out what full-shaped station means, but it attracted me at least. Even though it was not an indoor-station, it functioned almost perfectly. Why almost perfectly? Think about our crazy winter. How can someone endure cold weather outside while waiting the train? I think the station should also function as a place to rest. In a special situation like in Minnesota, I think indoor-station would be great. Except that fact, I was satisfied with the station. First of all, the station stood out among other buildings, so I could easily figure out when I returned to the station. Secondly, the actual location was convenient to wander from place to place. Many famous restaurants, department stores, theaters, and, most importantly, ‘Gameworks’ are around station by walking distance.
I would say that 'Sequestration' works for this station. Actually the station was comparatively small because the place, which the station is actually located in, limits the size of station. In other words, it is located in crowded area, so the station can not occupy a lot of apace. Indeed, the station is in between walkway and road, so it distinguishes between walkway and road, so the station is used to separate function.

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before riding

When I visited Boston two years ago, I realized that rail transits were everywhere. The trains were old and aged. However, it functioned enough to carry people where they want to go at least. When the train passed by, I was curious that why we do not have any metro transit because everyone knows Minneapolis/St.Paul twin cities are not small cities. At that time, I rented a car, so I did not have a chance to ride a rail transit in Boston, but I thought it would be better for us to have such a convenient rail transit. It did not take long time until my dream came true.
Eventually, we got a rail system called light rail last year. It goes to several famous spots such as Mall of America, metro dome, airport, and downtown Minneapolis even though it still has only one line (Hiawatha). I am happy to exist light rail in Minneapolis because I do not have a car. Whenever I want to go shopping, I have to ask one of my friends. Even though my friends usually comply with my request, I do not feel at ease because I know they are also busy and tedious. Think about the way of shopping. Who knows how much time I will spend? It was very stressful for me to be restricted by time. Of course, I can not go everywhere I want, I am sure that light rail will help me a lot better than before.
I think it can attract tourists as well as me. As I mentioned before, Boston rail transit became one of the attractions. Light rail could be the one. If somebody asks me "What is this locality noted for?” I would say "it is the light rail" without hesitation.
I hope it would be better if more lines will be made.

Here is link for an information:UPS drop box

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April 4, 2005

Metordome in MSP

Are you crazy for baseball? : visit a beautiful and fantastic baseball stadium in MSP. Metrodome is the one of three dome stadiums in USA. Moreover, The Metrodome is the only stadium in the world to play host to the World Series (1987 and 1991), baseball’s All-Star Game (1985), the Super Bowl (XXVI, 1992) and the NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament (1992 & 2001).
Minnesota twins won a division title three in a row. Santana won Cy young award last year. He won 20 wins, ERA 2.61
come and see!!!


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open today

today, I opened my own blog....


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