Novo Nordisk offers diabetes and obesity prevention funding

Novo Nordisk, a world leader in diabetes prevention and innovation, is offering new research funding and industry partnership opportunities under a "Novo Nordisk Diabetes and Obesity Biologics Science Forum Program." The purpose of this program is to foster collaboration and facilitate translation of new ideas from early diabetes and obesity research into innovation. There are two types of awards:

  • Early exploration, which offers $250,000 for a 2-year period to support non-clinical research and early stage hypotheses with limited preliminary data
  • Proof of principle, which offers $500,000 for a 2-year period to support non-clinical research for early-stage innovation and supporting data from animal, in vitro, or reduction to practice experiments.
Proposals go through a two-stage process, first step being submission of a two-page summary due by noon on Feb. 15. See the attachments for details.
Novo Nordisk Research Template_01.10.13.doc
Novo Nordisk Great Lakes Science Forum Invitation.pdf

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