PMCID enforcement starts in April

In April the National Institutes of Health will begin compliance monitoring of the 2008 Public Access Policy which requires principal investigators of NIH-funded research projects to obtain PMCIDs (Pub Med Central identifiers) for peer-reviewed articles that emanate from NIH grant-funded projects. Noncompliance could result in grant funds being withheld. Submission tips recommend that principal investigators obtain PMCIDs through the eRA Commons and to know copyright and embargo restrictions prior to obtaining PMCIDs through one of the following methods:

1) Method A - Choose a journal that automatically deposits all publications in the PubMed Center library within 12 months of publication. See the list of participating journals.
2) Method B - Some publishers will deposit an individual final published article in PubMed Central upon author request, and generally for a fee. See the list of publishers.
3) Method C - Deposit the final peer-reviewed manuscript yourself in PubMed Central via the NIHMS (NIH Manuscript Submission System). Check out the video for details on this process.
4) Method D - Complete the process for a final peer-reviewed manuscript that the publisher has deposited via NIHMS. Note: Though a publisher may make initial arrangements, it is the responsibility of the researcher to verify that the PMCID process is complete.
The Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship held a seminar on Feb. 28 featuring an overview of the compliance ramifications, in-depth information on the methods listed above, and a step-by-step look into the eRA commons to obtain PMCIDs and verify compliance of the federally-mandated policy, aimed at providing the public with improved access to health research.

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