Cyberliteracy Ch.1

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After reading the first chapter of Cyberliteracy one section seemed to really catch my attention. The author mentioned that people that were born around 50 years ago, like are parents, have a difficult time adjusting to the changing technology. I never thought about it until now but computers, cell phones and IPods all seem normal to people my age because we cannot remember a without them. The book also mentions that people around our parents' age had grown up writing everything done on paper and then typing it on a type writer. Now-a-days college students often begin writing in a Word document and editing the paper right on from the screen without printing in off. People born before computer became the norm often still need to print a copy off to edit it because their eyes are not used to focusing on the screen. I now have a better understanding for why it is so much more difficult for my parents to adjust to the new technological advances in the world.

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