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Homework n' Hoops Week 7

I was invited to attend Angel's leadership award ceremony which will take place on the 29th today. It was unexpected because we were told last semester during orientation that we are not supposed to contact our tutee outside of Homework n’ Hoops. This is probably a different case than the actual relationship outside of the program ordeal, because it will still be a tutor/tutee relationship at the ceremony. It should be neat to attend the event. The other intriguing aspect of today’s session was that none of the children had homework. This is due to the upcoming test, but it was still interesting. Angel, Rasalle, and Elmi put a puzzle together in under five minutes while we were waiting to go retrieve our snacks, and according to Angel, they were free to do “anything? for extra credit, so we went up to the computer lab to investigate the movie Because of Winn-Dixie. They are currently reading the book for class. Today was also one of the crazy, exciting shopping days, and although I gave Angel the advice to maybe save some of his points for next time, he decided to spend it all on a radio. Haha, oh well, kids will be kids.