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Homework n' Hoops Week 8


There was no homework again today, so we searched for pictures of Angel's favorite sports figures and made a calendar page on the cartoon network homesite. After recreation, it got interesting, but not in a good way. Four of the boys decided to play a learing game which consisted of spinning a spinner to determine a path through the states. At each state, they would be read a paragraph and three questions regarding that state and would have to answer the questions. The problem occured, because they could not seem to focus and decided that it would be a good time to fight. The other three tutors and I then needed to try and calm the boys down and get them to pay attention. It was a losing battle. After a while, the game basically broke up and Angel and I decided to play a different board game in which the players needed to determine the alphabetical order of words. Luckily, this was easier to keep under control. I have to admit, however, that in general the kids at the Homework n' Hoops program have been well behaved. It was bound to happen that there would be one difficult day. The pending springtime atmosphere was probably another contribution to the situation. Nothing got severely out of hand so I guess the session wasn't that bad.