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Homework n’ Hoops Week 9


There was an article Angel showed me today in a newspaper I have never heard of called The Militant. It was about how his father is still fighting back against the 15 layoffs at Damico & Sons of which he was included. It was an interesting paper in that it was greatly socialist oriented and advertised some of Marx’s writings. Spring fever was in the air again today, seeing as how many of the little boys were exceedingly rebellious. Luckily, Angel was great today and did his homework without my needing to keep him on track. For the sake of the other tutors, however, I hope the other kids calm down.

There was one problem which I noted today when we were in the computer lab. Ordinarily, I would have ignored it, but this is the second time it has happened. Angel and I tried to print off a Word document which was one of Angel’s assignments. When we tried printing, a seemingly endless barrage of some other document kept printing. It was always the same group of pages, so I assume that someone before us had decided to choose to print a large number of copies. Luckily, we were able to somehow fix the printer and print off the document.