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Extension tours Red Lake Nation

A group of approximately 50 Extension staff toured the Red Lake Nation on August 19th and 20th. The two-day long tour included visits to educational institutions, the comprehensive health care facilities, a reservation fishery, and green house. Extension members were able to select from three different themes (Education, Health Care, and Natural Resources). Due to my work, and personal interests I decided to explore the educational facilities of the reservation along with 20 or so other Extension employees...we toured the high school and middle school building (adjacent to each other), the elementary school, and the tribal college.
The visit to Red Lake Nation was a first step to a collaborative partnership between University of Minnesota Extension and the Red Lake community. On our second day of the tour we were able to participate in small group discussions (around the three main themes) with members of the American Indian community to further explore partnership opportunities and to learn more about the needs of this community from the members themselves.

Here are some pictures of the tours, beautiful scenery, and more :)


Extension staff approaches the Red Lake Elementary School...


The elementary school has its own bird cage, something that the little students really enjoy.


Red Lake Tribal College former president welcomes Extension employees to the institution...


A view of Red Lake (the second largest lake in MN after Lake Superior). It's such a tranquil view!