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Flat classrooms!!!

Ooppss...It looks like I missed week 6 somewhere...so here is my entry on Wikis :) I loved the Flat Classroom idea where students from different parts of the world can share ideas on common projects, etc. A colleague and I in the EdPA department here at the U have been implemented something like the Flat Classrooms (not so advanced though :( with students in MN and Morelos, Mexico. There is a small town in Morelos that has over a third of its population residing in the Twin Cities...we have attempted to connect classrooms utilizing chats, and web cams. Now knowing about this Flat Classroom project will help us take our little project a step further. This is great...how many opportunities! We could use this with 4-H as well...connecting club across the country that would like to share projects, ideas, and do so with technology! Doing so allows for children to explore other cultures, ideas, and worldviews!


Wonderful information here. This fascinating put up made me smile. Perhaps for those who throw in a couple of footage it would make the entire thing more interesting. Anyway, in my language, there aren't much good source like this.