Fulbright awards for students in our programs

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Congratulatioins to two undergraduate students who have been awarded Fulbright Teaching Assistantship Grants to work and learn abroad.

Jillian Stein, a 2009 summa cum laude candidate for a bachelor's in Spanish studies and bachelor's in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, received a Fulbright Teaching Assistant Grant to Spain. Stein will serve as a teaching assistant in English classes at a secondary school. She also intends to volunteer at a speech therapy clinic or women's organization in the community.

Antoni Tang, a 2009 candidate for bachelor's degrees in marketing and African American/African Studies, with a Spanish Studies minor, received one of only three available Fulbright Teaching Assistant Grants to Venezuela. Tang will help to teach English to pre-teen and teenage students. He plans to volunteer with an Afro-Venezuelan organization in the community and plans to learn about Afro-Venezuelan movements for social justice.
Our warmest congratulatons to both of them and best wishes for their endeavors in Spain and Venezuela!

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