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Graduate Student Research and Travel Awards 2008-2009

Congratulations to all the graduate students who received awards to conduct research, travel, deliver papers at national and international conferences. Click on the title of this post to see the entire list.

Graduate Student Announcements & Awards 2008-2009

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship
Kelly McDonough received the 2009-10 Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship for her dissertation in progress: "Reading and Writing Nahuas: Tracing the Nahuatl Intelletual Tradition."

Graduate Research Partnership Program (GRPP) Summer 2009:
Michael Stannard "Degeneration Theory in the Naturalist Novels of Benito Pérez Galdós."
Joseph Towle "Sustaining Revolution in the Mexican State of Chiapas."
Naomi Wood "Dancing History and Marginality: Hip-hop in Cuba, Brazil and the Diaspora."

FLAS Fellowship 2009-2010: Daniel Arbino has been awarded a Summer FLAS and an AY 2009-2010 FLAS to study of Dutch.

Graduate School Fellowship for entering student: 2008-2009: Megan Strom

Fall 2008 Conference Travel Grants:
Marcela Garces- "Voices and Visions: The Madrid Movida in Recent Films," San Antonio, TX
Sara Mack- "A Laboratory Perspective on Perceptions of Sexual Orientation," Austin, TX.
Kelly McDonough- "Indigenous Languages as Modern Languages" MLA, San Francisco, CA
Sarah Miller-Boelts- "Mothers and Daughters in Contemporary Cuban Literature: Zoe Valdes and Mayra Montero" Atlanta, GA
Naomi Wood- "Dancing to Make Space: Cuban HipHop Trio Las Krudas and Performances of Social Change," Roanoke, VA
Megan Strom- "The use of the term "illegal alien' by U.S. Politicians and its perception by Latino Immigrants", Orlando, FL
Hector Reyes Zaga- "La Política migratoria estadounidense desde la perspectivea de los derechos humanos" Heredia, Costa Rica
Carlos Vargas-Salgado- "Hablar en necio para darle gusto: vicisitudes de una puesta de El Perro del Hortelano en el periodo de violencia Politica en Peru" MLA, San Francisco, CA
Angela Pinilla-Herrar-2008 ACTFL Annual Confernece add'l funding from CLA), Orlando, FL

Spring 2009 Conference and Research Travel Grants:
Daniel Arbino- "Cultures in Flux: Movements, Ruptures & (Re)Structures," Columbus, Oh.
Adriana Gordillo- VIII Congreso Internacional de Literatura Hispanic, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Kajsa Larson- "Fractured identities," Cardiff, Wales
Kelly McDonough- Archival Research for dissertation chapter & interviews, Mexico City
Mandy Menke- Child Phonology Conference 2009, Austin, TX
Angela Pinila-Herrera- 3rd Heritage Language Summer Inst., Univ. Illinois Urbana
Joseph Towle- "Sustaining Revolution in the Mexican State of Chiapas" Chiapas & Mexico City & Research:NDSU,
Karin Whitehouse- XVII annual Conference in Romance Language, Boston Coll., MA

MLA Travel Grants:
Sarah Miller-Boelts
Sara Mack
Marcus Brasileiro
Eric Dickey

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