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Spanish & Portuguese Research Group (SPRG)

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Spanish & Portuguese Research (SPRG) Forum
Friday, October 1, 2010
Eddy Hall 202
Light snacks/refreshments provided


  • Isabel de Sousa Ramos: 'Ocultos de nós mesmos': A exclusão dos (i)migrantes em O Meu Nome é Legião

  • John Trevathan: Decapitated automatic woman: surrealist gestures and woman´s agency

  • Carla Manzoni: Loving with Hatred: Violence and Utilization of North African Space in Nedjma and Count Julián

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The first meeting of the Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics Association (HaLLA). It will be held in 202 Eddy Hall from 11:00-12:00 today, Monday, September 20th. This year will start out with two exciting presentations. Ángela Pinilla will present her recent research on the speech strategies and pragmatics of street vendors on Bogotá and John Trimble will present his recent research on the intelligibility of Spanish dialects for learners of Spanish as a second language.

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