Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics Assoc. (HaLLA) Meeting

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The theme of this meeting is Buenos Aires Spanish and will feature presentations by Phil Thornberry and Anne Hoffman-González.

Friday, December 9, 2011
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
118 Folwell Hall

The final meeting of the Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics Association (HaLLA) of the Fall 2011 on Friday, December 9. The theme of this meeting is Buenos Aires Spanish and will feature presentations by Phil Thornberry and Anne Hoffman-González.

Presenter: Phil Thornberry
Tonal crowding effects in Buenos Aires Spanish:
An experimental study

Tonal crowding is a phenomenon in intonational phonology in which an utterance's stressed syllables appear within quick succession of each other, leaving few, if any, unstressed syllables between them. Past research into Castilian and Mexican Spanish has shown that tonal crowding affects the phonetic realization of key events in the intonational contour. Tonal crowding, though, has not been examined thus far in Buenos Aires Spanish. Due to the distinct intonational structure of porteño Spanish, we may reasonably expect tonal crowding to be resolved in ways not yet reported due to the choice of dialects studied in prior research. This experimental study demonstrates that tonal crowding influences both the scaling and alignment of pitch accents in the porteño intonational contour. Moreover, I present strong evidence that speakers of Buenos Aires Spanish employ unique and previously unreported strategies for resolving the more extreme cases of tonal crowding.

Presenter: Anne Hoffman-González

I am currently performing a dissertation-level, qualitative study on dialect acquisition by semester-long study abroad students in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There are many strands that will be incorporated into the final thesis. On Friday I will present on students' initial descriptions of the Buenos Aires dialect and how a recognition task illustrates their perceptions of said dialect. I will contextualize these findings within an overview of the other strands of this project.

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