Mural por los Derechos Humanos

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Argentine artist and cartoonist, Miguel Rep, will create a mural depicting the struggles of memory and Human Rights in Argentina in the last decades.

Miguel Rep will be painting the mural on the 4th floor of Folwell Hall between March 1-2. There will be a formal presentation on Saturday March 3rd at 11:00 a.m. on the 4th floor.

In conjunction with
XVII The State of Iberoamerican Studies Series:
Human Rights Across the Disciplines,
March 1-3, 2012.

Miguel Rep is an artist and cartoonist. He has had many individual exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, Portugal, France and Spain. He has received several awards in Argentina, Spain, Japan, and Cuba.

He has published more than twenty books, among them: Bellas Artes, Y Rep hizo los barrios, Postales, Platinum Plus, La grandeza y la CHIQUEZA, Contratapas, Auxilio, vamos a nacer, and Rep para todos. Rep is known for having created nearly sixty popular characters and series, such as El niño azul, Postales, Bellas Artes, Barrios de Buenos Aires, Gaspar, el Revolú y Lukas. He has been publishing in the newspaper Página/12 since the first issue, and in the magazine Veintitrés and Fierro.

Since 2003 he has painted some forty murals in hospitals, book fairs, universities, parks, cultural centers, and museums in Argentina, Spain, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and German, including Mural Treinta (2006), Mural sobre la Transicion española (2008), Desoncierto sinfónico (2008), with Luis Felipe Noé, León Ferrari and Adolfo Nigro, Mural del Bicentenario (2010), and a mural in the Argentine Pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair (2010). More recently, following his illustration of a new edition of Don Quijote, with 260 drawings , he painted Murales de Hermanamiento (2011) as a tribute to Miguel de Cervantes when Alcalá de Henares (Spain) and Azul (Argentina) became sister cities.

This event is sponsored by:
The University of Minnesota Imagine Fund, supported by a generous donation from the McKnight Foundation;
The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies;
The College of Liberal Arts;
The Institute for Global Studies;
the Global Program and Strategy Alliance's Global Spotlight Initiative
and Gustavus Adolphus College
(Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies).
Our Special Thanks to Mark Knierim, Department of Art.

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