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My name is Nancy and I am currently a senior Interior Design Transfer Student at the University of Minnesota. I began my college journey six years ago, and will finally be graduating into the "real world" May 15, 2010!

I grew up in a small town of 500 people in Wyoming for 13 years of my life, and a medium size town in Oregon for 5 years. My adventures of a college student began the fall of 2004 at Arizona State University (ASU), where I declared an Interior Design major. It was a last minute choice, really, but the warm weather, outdoor pool, and thought of sunshine year-round was highly appealing over Gustavus Adolphus College in southern Minnesota (my first choice for over a year).

I attended ASU for a year, in which I experienced late nights, long projects, and lots of work... with plenty of sunshine in between of course. Even after all of the "perks" of the southern climate, I found that ASU was not the school for me and transferred to school number two.

This took me to the University of Cincinnati where I attended the DAAP Program (Design, Architecture, Art and Planning). This was a great program with much to offer including 6 mandatory internships before graduation, integrated Architecture and Interior Design studios for the first year, and interesting projects that required us to be in studio around the clock. . . literally. . . We had an air mattress to take naps on, which was outfitted with pillows and blankets.

However, despite the many opportunities this program had to offer, it was not the right time in my life to be away from family, so after a term I made my way back to Minnesota, where all of my family is from and residing.

I then began attending school number three; The University of Minnesota. Because I was starting in the spring, I was unable to enroll in the College of Design (CDes) until fall 2006. I was, however, able to begin some general classes required for my major while enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA). During this time I wrote a letter to accompany an application into the Pre-Interior Design Program at the U, which I would hopefully be starting in the fall.

Upon acceptance as a transfer student, I geared up to begin my four year journey through CDes. This was a scary thought as I'd be finished two years later than the "expected graduation date", but it didn't stop me from pursuing my dream of Interior Design. And here I am, now, after 3-1/2 years in an enriching program, starting my job search and ready to be plunged into the "real world".

In the recent months I have made a list of short-term and long-term goals for myself that have required me to be proactive with networking, job searches, and portfolio development. The objective of this blog is to share information that I gather along my journey to victory. I am hoping the information I post will be beneficial to many students across an array of majors, and help maintain motivation in the tough economy we are in.

Feel free to post comments if you like! Cheers!

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