The Procrastination Queen

Well, here I am, sitting at home on Sunday night working on studio. Since I haven't told you yet, our final project/thesis is the redesign and merging of three clinics within a 15,000 square foot space, and to develop a cohesive and efficient plan, and incorporate all user requirements. . . It has been a HUGE task, to say the least. But it wouldn't be Senior Thesis if it wasn't challenging, tiring, and didn't contain moments of procrastination.

Tonight I have hit a road block. Without my to-do list in front of me I am like a lost puppy, wandering the streets of a foreign country, with nothing but the world in front of me to explore (aka, the internet)... I like to call that "danger zone".

Completed Tasks:

1. Furniture Plan
2. Illustrated perspectives for the Reception area
3. Numerous games of online checkers. . . In which I lost
4. Watched multiple episodes on
5. Designed and redesigned my college graduation announcement, return address labels, and business cards
6. Developed a new to-do list for my portfolio
7. Nap
8. Hour and a half phone conversation
9. Facebook
10. This blog post

I am the Procrastination Queen. However, even though I have been busy with these very important activities, I somehow do not feel accomplished. I know that if I just keep going, each piece will slowly fall into place, and I can then take pride in marking items off, but it is hard to get there sometimes.

The St. Paul Campus Career Center offered a great solution for a to-do list and calendar, however. It has helped me stay organized, level headed, and has reduced the feeling of being overwhelmed; although you wouldn't know it by today. If you have this same issue, use the advice given to me:

  1. Buy a top-spiraling notebook
  2. Use a ruler and an exacto knife to cut the pad of paper down the middle, from the top to the bottom
  3. On the left write your weekly, or daily schedule. This should consist of scheduled meetings, appointments, jobs, etc. Things that have a time attached.
  4. On the right make your to-do list, putting the most important items on the top
  5. The point of this: your daily or weekly schedule can be torn out as they pass, but you can maintain your to-do list without having to re-write it, or feel overwhelmed when something doesn't get completed.

Well, now that I've given everyone else a successful tool, I should probably use my own advice and look at my list. . . It's about that time. . . . . . .

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