January 29, 2005


As an Instructional Designer, How do I provide learner analysis throughout all of the pahses of design?

I like the idea of creating shadow-faces that are hung up around the room so that the design team keeps in mind their end user. If it's a group of 9th graders there is a "face" that the team can keep in mind as they work with a description of the user that will be using the product once it is done.

As to providing analysis, I think the beginning of each session of the team should start with a review of why and for whom we are creating this product. The users characteristics should be the montra that starts off each section and if the team gets off track, the montra should be repeated. Analysis of the user should be done at each stage of developing the prototype so that if the user changes over time, the prototype should change.

No project should be started with out first looking at who and why the project needs to be started in the first place. If an analysis is done after the fact, the project designers might find that one the project wasn't even needed, or two that what was done didn't meet the needs of the user. If analysis isn't done at each stage of the design the project won't change to meet the needs of the changing user. The user is a human being he or she is not static. His or her beliefs, understandings, and knowledge changes over time, and the designer and his or her product has to take this into consideration as the product is being designed for mass consumption.

Posted by spenc054 at January 29, 2005 4:39 PM