March 29, 2005

Project based instruction...

I enjoyed the ID presentation on PBI. But I think Lynsey had a good point about "it" being a lot of work for the instructor. I know when I did individualized instruction at a private school in Mississippi. It was a lot of work on the front end. Each student has his or her own folder that had to be turned in at the end of the course. Inside the folder it had every assignment and every test that the student had to complete to recieve a passing grade in the class. All assignments and test were based on the state wide objectives and the student had to show mastery. I came into the school two weeks prior to school starting for the year, and I had to start form scratch. With the only knowledge that I had in had was the different objectives and state standards for 12 grade English as well as state standards for Exceptional students. Each student was tested for ability when the entered the school and I had to match their individaul instruction to their level of knowledge. It was time consuming in the beginning, but very rewarding in the end. I feel that this is the way PBI should be if done right. Lots of work in the beginning for the teacher, but lots of rewards in the end for the student.

Posted by spenc054 at March 29, 2005 9:01 AM