April 26, 2005

Final Entry...Yes

I enjoyed listening to the different projects that everyone had planned out for the end of the semester. I thought Cheryl’s was really neat and demonstrated what could be done if we, as instructional designers apply what we have learned in each of the classes we have taken through the year(s).

I like the way Theano applied a project that she completed in one class to an idea that she has in another. It makes the classes seem less isolated and more a coherent group that have a goal or a purpose in mind. (Sort of a hands on experience for the way that instructors what their students to treat their leanring experience.

I had one suggestion that could enhance Tina’s or Theano’s or Cheryl’s projects. Why not put the voice-overs in the language that you are trying to teach with a “bouncing ball” that shows the student the individual words that the computer is saying. Sort of like the way some international students learn “Conversational English”. They use the close captioning that is provided on US televisions and read the words as they hear them during a show they are watching. Why can’t we do the same thing with a foreign language? I think it is a crime that students are not required to learn a second language until they are in high school, when it is a proven fact that children learn languages better before the age of 10. But then if the school systems begin to require a “second” language, then you would have the problem of which one would be the required one? We have a melting pot of individuals and their uniqueness is what make this country great, and by choosing a second language it is almost as if you are saying to immigrants that their language and culture isn’t worth. Maybe that is why the US doesn’t require students to learn a second language as a fundamental requirement of their elementary education. Just a thought and a crime, but one I don’t think can be helped without a lot of attitude change in the US educational system.

Posted by spenc054 at April 26, 2005 9:39 PM