April 26, 2005

First Presentation

I enjoyed the final presentation on this night. I thought that the final website should really be interesting and hands on, when it was finally put together. I liked the lay out of the links and how the site will look once it is complete. I’m surprised that other businesses haven’t thought of the site, themselves. The U of MN still has a benefits office and you still meet with “counselors” to get investment information. The “counselors” know less then you do. All they do is hand you the pre-arranged materials and wish you luck. Maybe if the U had something like the Benefits Website, I would understand better what I can and can’t do as I prepare for my future. The site makes planning for your future easy because it is at your own pace and you don’t feel like you are being pressured to choose one or another plan just because you call on 800 number over another. It is very ingenious, if you ask me.

Posted by spenc054 at 9:37 PM