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May 27, 2006

The Wife and Cubs

I know that all you ladies out there will be disappointed to know that I'm married. My wife is named Milkshake. We have five cubs who were born after I was mobilized. It's rare that polar bears have more than 3 cubs in the wild, but given that living conditions and access to food is slightly better in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we ended up with five cubs. They keep Milkshake busy, but luckily Josh's wife Kelly helps her out.

Anyway, here are some photos of my wife and me. These were taken before the cubs came along. I am still waiting to get some photos of them from my wife, but when I do, I will share them as well.

Milkshake and I enjoyed the first snow storm this past winter. This was a few weeks before I was mobilized:

There are no seals, walruses, or beluga whales to eat in Minnesota, so we had to see about catching some squirrels for dinner. We tried to whack them out of the tree with little success:

Here is Milkshake sending me an email after I left for Camp Shelby:


Wow, Stone Cold, you like your women large and in charge! You are just adorable and I love your blog! ~lain (Kelly's friend)

this was interestin and thanks i enjoyed the read
cheers all




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