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Moqtada Sadr followers withdraw from the United Iraqi Alliance

The members of the United Iraqi Alliance who are followers of the radical Shia Cleric, Moqtada Sadr, withdrew their bloc from the Alliance citing that Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has not been consulting them over decisions according to BBC NEWS. Other complaints that the Sadr followers had were that their demands had not been met like the request for a timetable of the withdrawal of US-led forces. BBC also said the group is also disappointed that Maliki has allowed members of the former Saddam Hussein regime to return to national politics. This allowance could have a more personal effect on Sadr and his actions since his father was allegedly killed by Hussein loyalists in 1999 according to an article on

Mr Sadr was instrumental in the election of Prime Minister Maliki making the Sadr bloc's frustration with the alliance even more significant says BBC. BBC NEWS reports that a potentially immediate reaction to the political withdraw could be an end to the cease-fire that Sadr commanded to his Mehdi Army militia in late August.

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