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Security over unity in Iraq

Iraq's government is considering using Technocrats for positions of authority over experienced politicians. A technocrat is a bureaucrat who has experience or training in fields outside of politics especially things technology related. The Iraq government did not agree with the nonbinding U.S. Senate resolution advocating that the country be divided into three semiautonomous states. Iraqis united after the resolution passed to create a weak central government and then have three regions divided up along ethnic, sectarian and region lines. There was almost universal disagreement with the resolution among Iraqi politicians, but the idea of using Technocrats has a lot of support.
In 2004 there was a proposal to use a technocrat for the country's prime minister position, but at the time some Iraqi politicians disagreed with that move. ‘’This needs a politican, not a technocrat,'’ said Adnan Ali, a senior leader of the Dawa Party, Mr. Maliki’s party. ‘’A technocrat would feel differently about passing something; he wouldn’t have the support of the people.'’