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The Governator pledges to find California fire arsonists

Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed his determination to find the culprits of the recent California fires that appeared to have been started intentionally. The governor confirmed that at least two of the fires were started from arson and two other fires have suspicious origins.

"If I were one of the people who started the fires, I would not sleep soundly right now, because we're right behind you," Schwarzenegger said during a news conference attempting to persuade the arsonists to turn themselves in.

The Santiago Fire in Orange County has a promising lead regarding a white F-150 pickup. Authorities received 1,700 tips in relation to the pickup.

At the same news conference State Insurance Commissioner Stephen Poizner said his office is preparing victims of the fires on ways to recognize scam artists. There are also sting operations that hope to catch people trying to exploit the residents who have lost their homes.

The fires in California have significantly raised the air pollution levels and residents have been advised to stay inside according to BBC NEWS. Pollution levels are three times higher than usual, and residents of five counties were told to stay indoors.

Over 640,000 people evacuated their homes making this the largest mass evacuation in the history of California. Approximately 23,000 homes are still at risk from five major fires that are still ablaze.