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Floods in Mexico force thousands to evacuate

Massive flooding in the Mexican states of Chiapas and Tabasco leave half a million people homeless. In Chiapas rivers rose above their banks damaging thousands of homes and 16 bridges. Residents of remote parts of Tabasco still have not received aid and most likely will not for quite some time, according to the Mexican government.

The floods were a result of storms that also significantly damaged Mexico's oil industry. During the storms last week an oil platform collided with another rig killing 21 workers. The storm forced three of Mexico's main oil ports to close halting a fifth of the nation's oil production.

This is the worst flood Mexico has seen in 50 years and President Felipe Calderon said it was Mexico's worst recent natural disaster.
The flood claimed the lives of eight people and a health crisis is possible with health authorities reporting cases of eye, skin, intestinal and respiratory infections.

In the capital of Tabasco there were rumors of crocodiles in the city center's floodwaters.