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Malibu fire possibly started by campfire

The Corral Canyon fire that destroyed several homes in Malibu on Saturday was possibly started from the campfire of a group partying in the woods, according to CNN.com.

The officials hope parties responsible will come forward for the fire that was 40 percent contained by Sunday afternoon.

The fire grew quickly Saturday morning due to the low humidity and Santa Ana winds forcing thousands to evacuate and burning more than 49 homes in Malibu, according to the LA Times.

By the time the 60-mph Santa Ana winds died down 4,700 acres had been burned.

Residents in the Malibu area are required to clear brush 100 feet from the house, but the strong winds made the 75 to 100 feet high flames burn horizontally easily jumping that barrier and burning the houses of many, Los Angeles County Fire Department Capt. Bob Goldman said.

"Basically, we were caught in a firestorm," Goldman said. "It was remarkable. At one point I was very concerned about our safety."