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Many children die in evacuation of Somalia's capitol

Over the last two weeks, 100,000 people have abandoned the capitol city of Mogadishu amid the fighting between Ethiopian-backed Somali soldiers and Islamist militants.
Fighting this past week killed at least 80 people, mostly civilians, according to Mogadishu residents. Victims included the elderly and children as young as 10.
Many neighborhoods were deserted Sunday after 17 people were killed on Saturday.

There is a growing need for humanitarian assistance with 1.5 million people in need, according to the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. That is a 50 percent increase in humanitarian needed since the beginning of last year.
Mogadishu's hospitals are packed with wounded and refugees from the violence and they have reported that they are running low on food and water.
The African Union vowed to send 8,000 peacekeepers, but only 1,600 Ugandan troops ever actually showed up.

The increase in fighting occurred when Ethiopian troops launched reprisals in reaction to one of their soldiers being dragged through the street.