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New York Times finally reveals US secret program after three years

The Bush administration has given almost $100 million over the past six years on a program devoted to aiding Pakistan in securing their nuclear weapons, and the New York Times has known details about the program for more than three years according to the Times' website.

"The newspaper agreed to delay publication of the article after considering a request from the Bush administration, which argued that premature disclosure could hurt the effort to secure the weapons," the article states.
But the Times does not describe in what way knowledge of the program could be damaging to the program's objectives.

The Times informs the Bush Administration that that they plan on reopening their examination of the program after Pakistani media reported on the program.

"Early this week, the White House withdrew its request that publication be withheld, though it was unwilling to discuss details of the program," the Times' story states. Even after Pakistani media reveal the program it seems like the Times was waiting for permission from the Bush administration.

How much influence are some major news networks allowing the White House to have on what is reported on and what is not?

Although the program's $100 million in funding accounts for less than one percent of the $10 billion in aid given to Pakistan since 9/11, it still raises some questions on the Bush administration's effect on US media.