Potential Encore Presentations

  1. Archiving research data for access, preservation, and sharing? We can do that. (Digital Commons Presentation)
    • Lisa Johnston
  2. Black Hats, Farms, and Bubbles: How Emerging Marketing and Content Production Models are Making Research More Difficult (Digital Commons Presentation)
    • Kate Peterson and Paul Zenke
  3. Bringing Historic Maps to Life: Adventures in ArcGIS Server and Spatial Scholarship (Digital Commons Presentation)
    • Ryan Mattke
    • Demo, Needs computer setup.
  4. Collaborating in New Learning Spaces to Support Students' Research and Technology Training Needs (Digital Commons Presentation)
    • Kristi Jensen
  5. Evolving Workflows at the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Digital Library (Digital Commons Presentation)
    • Jennifer L. Claybourne Torkelson and Greta Bahnemann
  6. It's Not Paranoia if Your Tech Really Is Out To Get You: Critical thinking about new technologies (Digital Commons Presentation)
    • Nancy Sims
  7. Library Data and Student Success (Digital Commons Presentation)
    • Shane Nackerud, Jan Fransen, Kate Peterson, Kristen Mastel
    • Being Presented at Assembly
  8. Media Literacy for Libraries 101: What it is, the University of Minnesota Model, and the Criticality of Library Support (Digital Commons Presentation)
    • Scott Spicer
  9. Orientation Impossibilities: 780 students in One Day! (Digital Commons Presentation)
    • Kate Peterson and Andrew Palahniuk
  10. Supporting users in their pursuit and use of our e-books: Perspectives from one large academic library (Digital Commons Presentation)
    • Virginia Bach, Laurel Haycock, Lois Hendrickson, Julie Kelly, Charles Spetland
  11. Things in a Flash: An iPad App Buffet (Digital Commons Presentation)
    • Rita Baladad and Anne Hatinen, Minitex (with LeAnn Suchy, Metronet)

    Possible TechShops

    1. Google+ Goes to School: Using Google+ in a University Environment (Digital Commons Presentation)
      • Megan Kocher and Amy West
    2. Improving Library Services by Design: Service Design as a tool for Creating User-friendly, Competitive, and Relevant Library Services (Digital Commons Presentation)
      • Paul Zenke
    3. Introduction to Design Thinking Workshop (Digital Commons Presentation)
      • Paul Zenke
    4. Introduction to New American Factfinder (Digital Commons Presentation)
      • Amy West and Kirsten Clark Already done it. Can we find out? Scott will check.
    5. Short Attention-Span Code: Leveraging Google Apps to Build Custom Solutions (Digital Commons Presentation)
      • Janet Fransen and Megan Kocher
    6. sticky Teaching: six Principles for developing Memorable Curriculum (Digital Commons Presentation)
      • Kristen Mastel
    7. Using Video of Your Computer to Teach (Digital Commons Presentation)
      • Jennifer Veile

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